10 Ways to Improve Education System in India

Without a proper education system, a country can’t develop. The educated citizens can bring the real development in a country. That is why all the developed countries spend major of the GDP on the health and education sector. In India, only 75% students have enrolled themselves in the formal education system. Compared to the developed country, these numbers are not good enough. In the developed countries the statistics are above 90%. Few steps can be taken by the government and universities in India to improve the education system in this country.

1. Replace The Back Dated Syllabus:

All the major colleges and universities in India follow the backdated syllabus, which doesn’t fit into the modern world scenario. Because of this backdated syllabus, Indian students are not able to secure a good place in the leading world-class organizations. To improve the colleges in India, the university authorities and the government should focus more on the research and development of the syllabus. The syllabus should talk about the modern world and students should also focus on relevant case studies to improve colleges in India.

2. Career-Focused Learning System:

The conventional education system doesn’t have a career-focused approach. The modern world has changed completely, and the lifestyle of the modern people has also changed. The formal educational organizations should provide technical education at a basic level. Skill-based education will help the students, who belong to the lower class of the society. Previously a student had to complete his higher studies to get a good job. If skill-based education can be introduced at the basic level, the students can collect fund to continue with their studies.

3. Educating The Parents:

Most of the people in India are not educated enough, that is why they don’t encourage their children to get education. it is very important to educate the parents in India so that they stop forcing their child to drop out from schools and colleges.

4. More Focus On Rural Education:

Most of the population in India stay in the rural areas. That is why the policymakers should focus more on rural education. If the major portion remains unattended, India will never be able to become a superpower in 2021.

5. More Technical Institutions:

Technology has become an important part of the modern generation. Shoulders should start getting the basic level of a technical education from their school. It will also meet the skilled labour force of India. The bigger organizations are looking for more highly skilled people, who have good technical knowledge. The government should also focus on building more technical institutes in India.

6. Focus On Public-Private Partnership:

You may have noticed that, the private schools and colleges focus on providing good quality education to secure a good rank in the educational marketplace. If they don’t provide good quality education, people will go to other colleges. Only some of the people can afford private schools and colleges. Government schools and colleges may opt for the public private partnership to provide good quality education to the students. It will enhance the quality of education in the government organizations and it will also reduce the financial burden of the government.

7. Introducing Smart Class And Library:

Some schools and colleges are focusing on the smart classes and libraries. With the help of smart classes the students can learn things in a easy way. If the government introduce e-library, the students can easily get access to the good quality books. Online education will also help the students to have easy access to world-class education.

8. Good Career Counselling:

Most of the students find difficulties to choose the right career for themselves. The teachers should provide regular career counselling to the students. Some organizations like @collegemela, is helping the students to find the right college for themselves. Good career counseling will help the students to choose their perfect career for themselves.

9. Regular Training Of The Teachers:

The teachers should be trained on a regular basis. The governing authority should also consider the students feedback and reviews about their teachers. This will help the teacher to provide good quality education.

10. Good Support And Health Education:

The government should focus on proving health and nutrition education to the students at a basic level. The teacher should also provide good quality doubt clearing support to the students. These things will help the students to overcome their weakness.

These small things can be done to improve the current education system in India. The modern students are looking for world-class education to enrich their capabilities

Source – https://medium.com/@Collegemela/10-ways-to-improve-education-system-in-india-3d861a6e07b9

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